The Spectacular Spider-Man: What Season 3 Could Have Looked Like

The Spectacular Spider-Man lasted only two seasons, and fans of the cancelled-before-its-time TV series have often speculated about the potential content of season 3 and beyond. Supervising producer Greg Weisman has generally been mum when asked to reveal his plans for the show (he often cites the notion that ideas absent execution aren't worth sharing), but he has given some info over the years.

So with the intent of providing hard info, not speculation, I’ve read all of Weisman’s Spidey-related “Ask Greg” posts to date on the Station Eight Gargoyles website and all of his IGN interviews regarding the show.

I’ve assembled all the info I could find regarding his plans for The Spectacular Spider-Man. The info is listed and divided into three sections: characters, new villains, and series plans. You can follow the links provided to read it in Weisman’s own words.

Hit the jump to see the list of potential content for season 3 and beyond.


Peter Parker
  • Spider-tracers would have eventually been introduced 
  • How Spider-Man's web-shooters were invented would have eventually been revealed in a “major storyline"
  • Weisman would have liked to introduce the Spider-Mobile in season 3 or 4
  • Weisman had plans for Peter's parents

Mary Jane Watson

Flash Thompson

Betty Brant and Ned Lee

Curt Connors

Felicia Hardy
  • Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) and Spider-Man’s relationship would have been very fraught after the reveal that her father, the Cat Burglar (Walter Hardy), killed Uncle Ben

Eddie Brock

Norman Osborn

Emily Osborn

Harry Osborn 
  • Due to Harry’s doping, the high school's football championship would have been under review in season 3

Roderick Kingsley

  • Tombstone and Robbie Robertson’s relationship would have been developed

Silver Sable

Hammerhead's Chauffeur

Kraven the Hunter





By the end of season 2, the following civilian characters had been introduced:
  • Morris Bench
  • Hobie Brown
  • Stan Carter
  • Mac Gargan
  • Cletus Kasady
  • Roderick Kingsley
  • Miles Warren

In the comic book source material, these characters respectively take on the alter egos of Hydro-Man, the Prowler, Sin-Eater, Scorpion, Carnage, Hobgoblin, and the Jackal, respectively.

When asked what villains would eventually appear, Weisman has said that some "are obvious, given the fact that we had already introduced them in their civilian identities." And given the series' propensity for faithfulness to the comics, it’s not a stretch to imagine that most of the characters listed above would have eventually become their respective villains. Weisman implies as much when speaking about specific characters in some quotes seen below (which is somewhat speculative of me to say).

Weisman, regarding Miles Warren:
“Someone asked me about clones and stuff at Comic-Con at our panel, and I'll just say what I think is pretty obvious, which is that we brought Miles in… If we brought Miles in… I don't do anything by accident. And without going into any details or specifics, if we brought Miles in, then we have plans for Miles – long term plans. What those plans are is obviously influenced by what Miles has done in the comics.” (IGN, Inside Spidey's Web: "Identity Crisis," 31 July 2009)

Regarding Miles Warren and Cletus Kasady:
A fan asked if they had plans to explore the "Ben Riley" storyline. "Well, we've got Miles Warren," Weisman smirked. "We didn't put him in there for nothing." Weisman gave a similar answer to a fan who asked about an appearance of Carnage. "Well we put Cletus Kasady in so…" (IGN, SDCC 09: Hulk and Capt. America Planned for Spidey, 28 July 2009)

Regarding Stan Carter:
IGN: Stan Carter and Jean DeWolff have been peripheral characters, but you had an interesting little moment here where Stan talks about wishing Spider-Man went further with his treatment of criminals. Was it fun to get that little hint at Stan's Sin-Eater future in there? 

Weisman: Yeah. We're trying to play the characters consistent. As with many of our characters – we talked about this before – we extrapolate backwards. We know who they wind up being, from the comics. Where did they start? So we know who Jean DeWolff is going to be down the road, and we know who Stan Carter is going to be. (IGN, Inside Spidey's Web: "Probable Cause," 20 October 2009)

Crime Master

Mr. Negative


If you have any additions or corrections, please let me know!


  1. If only it hadn't been cancelled...sigh...

  2. Thanks for compiling all this information together. So upsetting these ideas were never brilliantly incorporated as they would have been considering the greatness of Season 1 and how Season 2 brought that quality to a new level. Still the greatest animated superhero TV series to me.

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  7. The new Spider-Man show seems pretty promising. So far from what I can tell, it's a "Back to basics show with it's own style that's slightly based on Spectacular Spider-Man. The show will center around young, intelligent, insecure and courageous Peter Parker, a high school student from Horizon High, who after being bitten by a radioactive spider becomes Spider-Man. Along the way, he'll become a morr experienced hero, he'll meet many allies such as Ultimate Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen and he will fight many foes such as Vulture and Venom" (by the way Wacker just confirmed, it's NOT a team-up show. Other heroes just ocassionaly appear)

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  12. Another for Mary Jane:

    Greg Weisman stated, her feeling alone at the end of Subtext would've affected her behavior in season 3 onwards.

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