This “World’s End” Fan Theory Will Blow Your Mind

The other day, I Googled things like gary king killed and gary king murdered to see if anyone else had ever considered the notion that Gary King, the hero of Edgar Wright’s excellent film The World’s End, might be a murderer. Nothing relevant to the film came up. But consider this.

(Spoiler alert.)

If the teenager – the one Gary picks a fight with and then beheads in the bathroom – hadn’t been a smashy-smashy-eggman, wouldn’t that mean Gary had murdered an actual teenager? For the uninitiated, the scene can be viewed below.

You might ask the question, “What makes you think it was MURDER?” I’ll answer that with another question. Why are all the events before the beheading plausible and mundane, and all the events after the beheading implausible and fantastic?

There’s only one explanation. After Gary kills the teenager, the reality of his situation becomes unacceptable. So he invents a new reality wherein his violence is justified: the teenager was a robot, and robots are taking over the world.

Mind. Blown. (Yours, I mean.)

I also Googled gary king psychotic break to see if anyone else ever thought Gary had experienced the latter half of the aforementioned Google search. Turns out, some other people have also suggested that parts of the film represent a psychotic break – the ending, or the whole film, for example.

Tune in again next month, when I post another stupid idea that probably would have fit into a tweet.